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Bringing New Life to Victorian Memorial Square

The WPNA's report looks at the conservation and restoration of the square. Download the report as a pdf...

Wellington Street Revitalization

This report, prepared for the WPNA by The Planning Partnership Limited, offers a revitalization strategy for the street. Download the report as a pdf, and see the Wellington Street Concept Plan (pdf).

The King-Spadina Plan

A new planning framework for the King-Spadina Plan area was enacted by City Council in 1996 to attract investment for a broad range of uses in a manner that reinforces the historic built form of the area.

The firm of The Planning Partnership was retained in the fall of 2005 to complete a focused review of the King-Spadina Secondary Plan. The purpose of the review was to address specific issues that have emerged in the area that are challenging the planning framework. The study document is structured in four parts, which you can download as PDF files:

Part One: Background
Provides an overview of changes to the area since 1996, with a particular focus on the issue of nightclubs.
Part Two: Review of Community Facilities
Examines existing and identifies proposed community facilities within and near the Plan area.
Part Three: Public Realm Plan
Recommends improvements to the public realm - the streets, sidewalks, lanes, parks and publicly accessible open spaces.
Part Four: Built Form
Confirms the continued relevance of the built form objectives of the Plan to protect and enhance the physical character of the area, and recommends necessary conditions to consider proposals for buildings that do not meet the current planning framework for the area.

Other documents of interest to the community


  • Heritage Toronto
    Toronto's leading organization for conservation and promotion of heritage in the city, offering popular free walking tours.
  • Fort York
    The birthplace of Toronto, and home to Canada's largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings. The Fort is open year round and offers tours, exhibits, period room settings and seasonal demonstrations.
  • Niagara Neighbourhood Now
    The sister organization of Wellington Place Neighbourhood Association, covering the area west of Bathurst to Strachan, between King Street and the railway lines.
  • Draper Street Heritage Conservation District
    A designated heritage district within Wellington Place.
  • City of Toronto
    The official site of the City of Toronto, with information on developments and committees.